Shark Bay Fishing Fiesta  


2019 Fishing Fiesta Details

Open Fishing Competition Registration Price         $60 per person  (price includes a compulsory $10 Club membership)

Kids Fishing Competition (Saturday Only)              $3 per child

Fishing t-shirts (long sleeved)                                 $60 each or kids sizes for $55 each

Truth/Brag Mats                                                      $20

Stubby Holders                                                       $7 each

Registration for the main fishing competition is currently open (download, complete and return the attached form) or otherwise register at the events marquee on Friday from 12pm. Payment is to be made prior to the competition starting by either a bank transfer, cheque or paying cash at the event. Registrations will close prior to the first weigh in on the Saturday during the week at 5pm.

ALL FISHERS WHO REGISTER must present themselves to the events marquee prior to fishing to be updated on any last minute rule changes etc.

Meals and drinks are available for purchase at the events so we encourage attendees to support local community groups providing the catering as a vital fundraiser for the group.